Grand Theft Audio? Popular Music and Intellectual Property in Video Games

Karen Collin’s Grand Theft Audio? Popular Music and Intellectual Property in Video Games was very informative reading. I am a fan of both music and video games and this article really helped me understand how these two types of medium mesh to help one another. One of my favorite video games that was mentioned in this essay was Guitar Hero. It was really interesting to know that the first band to appear as themselves in a music-themed video game was Journey. Nowadays, it seems that every musician or band appears as themselves in Guitar Hero, such as Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, and Hayley Williams from Paramore. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are good marketing tools to sell more of the artist’s music. The point of these games is to play all the songs that it contains so you can be able to unlock certain things, such as music, clothing, or instruments for your characters. From experience, I know that when I bought my first Guitar Hero game, I did not know all of the songs. Once you play the songs that you have not heard before, the song becomes very catchy and therefore you are going to purchase the songs. Also, when you purchase Rock Band for your iPhone, you can buy extra songs in bundles which is a good marketing tool to sell more music. Todays video games are definitely more interactive than before, in which you can learn how to dance and even learn how to play a real guitar with Power Gig. Video game creators are always trying to find a new way to entertaining us, and the type of music that it contains definitely plays a huge role.

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