iPod Culture and Urban Experience

Michael Bull’s iPod Culture and Urban Experience is an essay that everyone who has ever had an iPod can relate too. The majority of the essay is based on quotes that individuals have said about their experience with their iPods. I definitely related to the majority of quotes that individuals stated. We all somehow got trapped into this phenomenon of purchasing an iPod and never looking back. It has been out for nearly ten years and it seems that there is a new iPod every year for every different type of consumer. Like the majority of the individuals in this essay, listening to my iPod is a very personal experience. I have to admit that I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my iPod. Everything has to be organized, with correct spelling and album covers. I cringe when I look at another person’s iPod and everything is spelled in correctly or has the track number instead of the actual song name. Most of the people in Bull’s article does not like to be interrupted while listening to their iPod. I definitely relate to this in which I do not like when people ask me for directions when I’m listening to my iPod. It feels like I am being invaded within my own personal space. Of course I end up helping them out, but i gotta rewind the song a few seconds back so I can listen to the part that I missed. Bull mentions that individuals are so obsessed with this device because it is uninterrupted and it is a continuos experience. When I’m driving, I like listening to the radio but I get irritated when commercials comes on. Thats an interruption, and that is when my iPod comes to save my car ride. The only way that my iPod can interrupt my listening experience is when it dies. It seems to ruin my day and now I am forced to listen to other peoples conversations on the train. iPods are definitely one of the most user friendly devices that has ever been invented, but it can also harm us in which we are not longer interacting in our daily lives.

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