Trying to Sell CD’s by Adding Extras

Chris Nelson’s Trying to Sell CD’s by Adding Extras brought me back to the day when we actually bought CD’s. Surprisingly, this was was not too long ago but it seems like many years have gone by since we have bought CD’s and played it on portable CD players. When Nelson’s essay was published in 2003, I was fourteen and purchasing most of the albums mentioned; P.O.D, Nickelback, and Obie Trice. Only having a CD player at that time, I was forced to buy their albums. By age 16, i received my first iPod and this changed my life, as well as others. I no longer had to buy a CD, since all the music that I ever wanted was free to download. However, my favorite artists kept coming out CD’s that had an extra CD of bonus music or a DVD, and so then I went back to buying CD’s for a short period of time. Nelson’s discusses this in his essay, in which music companies are really desperate to get record sales up, and so they attach extra material so consumers can go back to buying the music, and not downloaded illegally. Nelson also discusses how the reinvention of record stores have failed. The first thing that came to mind was Virgin Megastore. During my high school years, going to the Virgin Megastore in Time Square was a big deal in which we could go in and listen to the top fifty albums of the week for free. However, it got boring pretty quickly in which we could now preview a song from your own home and downloaded it for free. Virgin Megastore eventually when out of business, selling CDs for ten bucks or less on its final days. Nowadays, you can find the bonus material online, such as in YouTube, and also download extra songs as well. It is safe to say that CD’s are in a close brink of extinction due to the internet.

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